Hi, I'm Angela and i'm the founder of ALRAQS. My passion for Arabic Dance started at around 8 years old, I loved Shakira and wanted to dance just like her one day- so i decided that's what i was going to work towards.

By the age of 14 i was actively seeking belly dancing lessons and professionals to learn from, but i had no luck as there aren't many Arabic style dance classes around me- so i decided at a young age that i 'd start my own classes  one day and introduce my local people to a new style of dance that isn't as popularised in the area. 

By 17 years old, I was a self taught belly dancer, due to the lack of resources around me, i had to use what i had which was independent research using books and the internet. I didn't just want to know how to belly dance, i wanted to understated the history behind it, the different styles and the important details that make up Arabic dancing.

From there i went on to teach in dance schools around London teaching Bollywood, Bhangra, Ballet and classical styles of dance including couples choreography

So after dedicating my teen years to  Dance, here i am ready to share my knowledge and passion with you! 

I designed this company with the understanding that many people may believe belly dancing to be a provocative dance which disregards the modesty* of many cultures however i'm determined to prove that belly dancing can be appropriated for all ages and can be enjoyed without the need to be overly erotic or immodest